About NACP

The ‘Northern Australia Climate Program’ (NACP) is a partnership between the Queensland Government, Meat and Livestock Australia Donor Company and USQ, targeted at helping the grazing industry better manage drought and climate risks through a range of research, development and extension activities. NACP is funded by the Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

Research projects within the program will work with national and international climate modellers to improve seasonal forecasts for northern Australia; improve predictions of multi-year droughts through the use of general circulation models; and quantify the economic value of seasonal climate forecasting in the grazing industry.

Development projects will focus on producing a customised break of season index tailored for northern Australia to improve the capacity of station managers in grazing lands to proactively manage activities at the dry/wet season interface to reduce land degradation and boost productivity. A range of tools, which support grazing management decisions at the property level, will also be updated and developed to take advantage of opportunities presented by improved producer access to and use of digital technologies and networks.

Extension projects will focus on improving the knowledge and skills of producers across the grazing industry to support proactive management of climate variability which minimises exposure to environmental, profitability and productivity losses due to drought or drier than normal wet seasons, and maximises opportunities presented in above average seasons.

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